Improve your team Communication

Teami is a platform for teams to stay on the same page, have broad discussions, and make the right decisions.

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Make team communication 10x better.

To work in a team efficiently, communication is vital. Teami improves communication between teams by creating organized threads and making sure everyone is on the same page.

With the arrival of Slack and other tools we were able to improve our communication and the way we work, but at the same time we became less productive. The nature of Slack chat is long running threads and constant topic switching, and that is why many times our communication fails and we miss things. We should use each tool correctly, keeping synchronous converstations in one place and asynchronous in other.

Teami lets the whole team to stay in sync.

Create threads

Create threads and share updates, ask questions or share something with others. Teami makes it easy for your team to stay engaged.


Follow up

Follow-up on the conversations that you want and not miss anything important. Following the conversations that you chose will make you more productive than a long chat with different conversations happening.


Mark a decision

Discuss and when a decision is reached highlight it so everyone is on the same page.


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