A coworking is a space intended for workers who don’t like working from home or office. These are spaces designed not only for work but also for socializing: not infrequently, in a coworking, there are bars and gyms. It is therefore about environments where you can keep a focus on your work without renouncing human relationships and the possibility of meeting new people.

Why working in a coworking could be a good option?

There are at least ten reasons why working in coworking could prove to be a positive choice.

1. Be more inspired

Working in a coworking space means working in a space where you are surrounded by many people who do jobs that are very different from yours. All the people in these spaces, however, have one thing in common: they all work trying to do their utmost to achieve productivity goals. Working in spaces like these can certainly influence the way you work because you can inspire the people you see. They are all like you: want to get the most out of their work and you can be inspired by them.

2. Increase productivity

Very often it’s difficult to go to work if the environment in which you work is not stimulating, and this can happen even if you love the job you do. To overcome this difficulty, coworking normally represents dynamic and youthful spaces that normally encourage work. When you arrive in these spaces you start working without domestic distractions and surrounded by people who inspire us to do better and this represents a stimulus for our concentration.

3. Work and private life balance

Coworking spaces are designed not only to allow workers to have the best possible working conditions but also to make easier for them to take care of their private life as well. These spaces, in fact, in most cases have places for refreshment (bars, restaurants, etc.) and gyms. It is evident that the presence of structures that support our personal goals and make them easier to achieve favors the delicate balance between work and private life. Even moments of rest can prove to be a precious moment in which to meet interesting people.

4. Have an office (shared) at a lower price

Paying for a coworking subscription can certainly be cheaper than paying the rent for an office in the city. Having to give up a personal office doesn’t mean having to deprive of spaces such as meeting rooms or spaces in which to occasionally welcome one’s customers or collaborators. Almost all coworking spaces have meeting rooms where you can receive your customers or collaborators or make remote calls or record podcasts. It often happens that companies (especially startups) decide to find a workspace within a coworking to use it as an office.

5. Flexibility at work

Every worker is different. There are workers who are more productive during the day while others are more productive at night. These differences don’t constitute an obstacle for workers in a coworking because continuous time slots or very wide time slots are normally guaranteed. Flexibility doesn’t only concern time but also spaces. In a coworking, in fact, you can choose whether to pay for a simple desk or to rent an entire work area.

6. Less sense of solitude

As we said in the previous article on smart work, people who work remotely are exposed to the risk of suffering from a feeling of isolation. To avoid this, a good solution would be to work in a coworking space because you are not alone but surrounded by other workers. Being surrounded by people who work and exchanging words during breaks from work, will surely make easier to do remote jobs and feel part of a community.

7. Networking opportunities

 If you are able to exploit the presence of other people and create new relationships, coworking spaces can represent not only a solution to solitude but even an opportunity to create a network of contacts. The other people who work in a coworking are people with goals and ambitions that can prove complementary to our aspirations. Creating a synergy with people who work physically in the space in which we work although they do another job could prove very useful in the future.

8. Push to learn and innovate

Working in a coworking space offers you the advantage of being surrounded by various workers all with a different way of working and a different life path. Talking and confronting them could be very important for you. The most beneficial thing to do is learning to relate to people so that they can tell you about their experiences and what you can learn from them. The presence of other people can also be useful for conducting experiments or surveys on a group of people. Meeting and chatting informally is a great way to bring out new ideas or test insights yet to be developed.

9. Work everywhere

Coworking facilities are now all over the world. This allows you to travel with the security that wherever you go you will have the opportunity to find a good work environment. In fact, each coworking, in addition to the monthly subscription, normally also has a daily subscription that allows you to stay in the coworking space for a few days.

10. Exploit advantageous conventions  

Many coworking has entered into agreements in order to provide their subscribers with a useful service at a discounted price. Conventions often constitute one of the reasons for choosing one coworking over another. The agreements, in fact, can concern programs, purchases of goods or requests for services for which – thanks to the agreement itself – you can take advantage of a significant discount. For example, a startup will surely take advantage of a discount to use a digital workspace like Teami in order to have a tool to ask its team, measure engagement and happiness KPIs and manage perks for its team effortlessly.


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