Working remotely has many advantages including the ability to choose the place to work (home, coworking, hotel or wherever you want). Very often people who work remotely take advantage of their work to explore the world and travel to fascinating places.

Until now most people have followed lifestyles based on conventional values ​​(homeownership, permanent job, and possession of many material assets) but things are changing. More and more people are becoming digital nomads!

Remote lovers are becoming ever more numerous. For this reason, numerous travel programs have been created for those who want to find people available to collaborate or simply for those looking for a housing solution or a workspace.

If you are ready to go or just curious, let’s take a look at some of the best-known programs:

Remote Year

Remote Year organizes travel and work programs lasting 4, 6 or 12 months. Remote Year deals with planning and logistics for a monthly fee covering flights, work area, accommodation, and travel-related experiences. Be prepared to meet many people because the trip is shared with other community members for all the duration. The cities that can be visited are many: Valencia, Cape Town, Lisbon, Split, Hanoi, Kuala Lumpur, etc. The monthly cost is around $ 2,250 and for more information, visit

Venture with Impact

Venture with Impact organizes a global experience to make the worker feel always integrated into the places he visits. Accommodation is booked for each stage and experiences are ensured to integrate with the local culture (local events, learning the local language, etc.). A group dinner is organized every week to share your experience with others. The program also includes voluntary activities. Trips last four weeks at a cost of approximately $ 2,100 – $ 2,500 per month. Cities that participants can visit include Medellin, Lisbon and Chiang Mai. If you want more information you can visit

Hacker Paradise

Like the two previous solutions, Hacker Paradise is also in charge of preparing the living room. Their promise is this: “Let us help you spend more time doing what you love (work and travel differently) and spend less time doing what hate (logistics, planning, creating a community from scratch every time you change position) “. Hacker Paradise takes care of identifying the accommodation (with wi-fi and regular cleaning), a co-working space with flexible hours and a community of digital nomads. The activities on which the itinerary is based are family-style potlucks, networking events, industry talks, workshops, goal setting, health & fitness, excursions, cultural experiences. The routes include trips to Tel Aviv, Medellin, Buenos Aires, and Marrakech. The cost of the experience is around $ 2,190 a month. If you want more information, visit

Wifi Tribe

The whole world is home: this is the motto of the professionals who take part in Wifi Tribe. The values ​​on which the community is built are Respect, Humility, Camaraderie, Curiosity, Passion, Inclusion. The itineraries are divided into “chapters” of four weeks. At the end of each “chapter”, the group moves to the new destination. The cost varies from around 900 to 2,000 $ depending on the duration of the trip and includes accommodation, public services, co-worker space, and on-site activities. If you want more information you can visit

Nomad Academy

Nomad Academy is a program with many points in common with those we have already analyzed. The Academy has a specific goal: “our goal has always been to give people the skills and mentality necessary to become owners of their careers.” You will travel across three countries in 12 weeks during an online course focused on entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurial focus will allow you to develop your ideas and increase your knowledge. Flights, accommodation, coaching, mentoring, online courses, co-working space, business workshops, etc. are included in the cost. The cost depends on the chosen program: Onsite Program Fee (€ 12,900); Full-Time Program Fee (€ 6,900); Part-Time Program Fee (€ 4,400). If you want more information you can visit


This kind of program is based on the coordination of individual work with that of the community. If you prefer to beat your times with greater autonomy then Selina could be for you. You can book separate accommodations, coworking spaces but also provide for simpler activities (like surfing!) through the platform. Selina’s philosophy includes volunteering: every digital nomad gets rich thanks to his journey and for this, he should be able to give back the favor he has received. For this reason, the journey will also focus on social activities. The cost depends on the length of the stay and includes accommodation, coworking, and public services. For more information, visit

No Desk Project

People think that travel starts and ends with a round-trip flight. But if you go a little deeper, you’ll realize it stays with you forever: this is the phrase with which this project is presented. No Desk project is a platform for digital nomads that organizes transport, accommodation, workspace and wellness experiences. Also, in this case, the journey is made with professionals from all over the world. Personal growth is the central point of this program that also involves experts who do seminars, panel discussions, skills sharing, peer-to-peer workshops and more. The cost fluctuates between Costs: $ 2,900 – $ 3,499 per trip. If you want more information you can visit the website


Behere is a community for women that allows you to easily book accommodation, co-working spaces and gym memberships in the city you are visiting. Considering the daily commitments and the public to whom the offer is addressed, Behere’s commitment is also to explore each city to find the best areas that are safer. In addition, Behere includes an on-site host that meets you once you arrive in your new city. The reservation through Behere can be made for a minimum period of 30 days at the accommodations listed on its platform. The cost fluctuates between $ 1,400 – $ 1,900 per month. If you want more information you can visit

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