Communication Architecture: the pyramid of team communication tools
Communication Architecture: the pyramid of team communication tools πŸ› 

Communication is one of the first problems we have to face when we carry out our projects. Teamwork is essentially

Asynchronous communication
Team’s communication: why asynchronous is better ✌🏻

In the previous article (“Team’s communication: synchronous and asynchronous communication“) we talked about the difference between synchronous and asynchronous communication.

OKR’s: set your goals with superpowers

What are OKR’s? OKR’s stands for Objectives and Key Results and constitute one of the organizational methodologies used to identify

Basic rules to organize a startup

Organizing the startup’s work isn’t an easy thing. Whoever set up his first startup knows that even the simplest things,

Ten reasons why you should work from a coworking space

A coworking is a space intended for workers who don’t like working from home or office. These are spaces designed

Less is more: Microsoft Japan tests the 4 days workweek

Lately, large companies in the technology sector are experimenting with solutions to work to increase the productivity of their employees

Smart work: gains and pains of working remotely

Smart work is known as a flexible way of working: you can choose working hours and locations. The important thing

Best remote work travel programs

Working remotely has many advantages including the ability to choose the place to work (home, coworking, hotel or wherever you