• The communication tool your company needs

The communication tool your company needs

Teami helps teams stay on the same page with asynchronous communication.
Eliminate chaos and stay organized.

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Solve crucial problems

Teami enables teams to collaborate and communicate to solve important problems. People benefit from Teami's tools using organized threads, longer updates, and discussions. We eliminate all the chaos from real-time group chat that makes our teams less productive and more stressful.

Detailed discussions

Write longer updates that convey all the information.


Have all discussions organized by teams and threads with easy access.


Collaborate discussing, commenting and making decisions in each thread.


Get better decision-making being able to analyze everything easily.


Communicate across time zones, and remove FOMO from missed Slack conversations.


Eliminate the rush of having to answer quickly and without analyzing the answer,


Complement with Slack. Use Teami for longer updates and discussions no one should miss


Evolve the whole team and get new ideas and insights.

Asyncronous communication for every aspect