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The best way to manage your team tasks

Because we need a tool that helps us work and not do more work
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Objectives, Projects and Tasks
Actually, there exists a better way to work

No more tasks without sense

Set your team objectives

Create objectives, modify, monitor and align them with projects.

Control your projects & tasks

Create projects with tasks and adapt them to your company's workflow with our guided templates.

One place to align objectives, projects & tasks

Define Projects that support your goals, set deadlines, and then identify the tasks for your projects and follow through.

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Reduce chaos, increase efficiency

Stay focus with your work

Visualize your work visually with project timelines, lists and kanban views. In addition, visualize your work on a personalized screen different from that of the company.

Plan and monitor

Check the objectives, projects and tasks of the entire company and see how it is progressing, which projects are due before and how closely you are to meet the objectives.

Extra features to increase focus

We work on the smallest details to do the perfect tool.

Focus on tasks one-by-one

Use Teami to work and hit start on your personal page, we will organize your tasks visually so that you focus on one task at a time.

Time-Driven Tasks

Set a maximum time for some of your tasks and we will set a timer for them. You can also use a Pomodoro.

Smart Sorting

Mark tasks and projects as urgent/important/difficult to automatically sort tasks by priority.

Set goals as the foundation with which you select tasks and projects on a daily basis.

No learning curve to use Teami, our tool will guide you.

Ready to improve your organization?

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